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Hack off

verb (adv)
(informal) (transitive; often passive) to annoy, irritate, or disappoint


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  • Hack on

    To hack; implies that the subject is some pre-existing hunk of code that one is evolving, as opposed to something one might hack up. [Jargon File]

  • Hack on someone

    verb phrase To ridicule someone; PUT someone DOWN (1990s+ Students)

  • Hacksaw

    [hak-saw] /ˈhækˌsɔ/ noun 1. a for cutting metal, consisting typically of a narrow, fine-toothed blade fixed in a frame. /ˈhækˌsɔː/ noun 1. a handsaw for cutting metal, with a hard-steel blade in a frame under tension verb -saws, -sawing, -sawed, -sawed, -sawn (-ˌsɔːn) 2. (transitive) to cut with a hacksaw n. first element from Old […]

  • Hacktivism

    [hak-tuh-viz-uh m] /ˈhæk təˌvɪz əm/ noun 1. the practice of gaining unauthorized access to a computer system and carrying out various disruptive actions as a means of achieving political or social goals: In this form of hacktivism, the hacker tries to alter or deface a government website.

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