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[khuh-dah-rim] /xəˈdɑ rɪm/

noun, Yiddish.
plural of .
[khey-duh r; English khey-der, -hey-] /ˈxeɪ dər; English ˈxeɪ dər, -ˈheɪ-/
noun, plural hadarim
[khuh-dah-rim] /xəˈdɑ rɪm/ (Show IPA). English, heders. Yiddish.
(especially in Europe) a private Jewish elementary school for teaching children Hebrew, Bible, and the fundamentals of Judaism.
(in the U.S.) (def 2).
/ˈxɛdɛr; English ˈheɪdə/
noun (pl) hadarim (xadaˈriːm)
a variant spelling of cheder


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