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Alfred Cort
[kawrt] /kɔrt/ (Show IPA), 1855–1940, English ethnologist, anthropologist, and writer.
a town in W New Jersey.
Historical Examples

Those who could do so reeled home; those who could not walk at all were put to bed by the retainers at Haddon Hall.
Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall Charles Major

Haddon and by his belonging to the said Vessel in the said Cruize.
Privateering and Piracy in the Colonial Period Various

Dr. Haddon had struck the right key-note, and everyone in Court hung upon his words.
Australia Revenged Boomerang

“Mrs. Haddon said something more,” Phyllis continued, after a pause.
Phyllis of Philistia Frank Frankfort Moore

Bakewell is the centre also for Haddon Hall, reached thence, on foot, in half an hour.
Country Rambles, and Manchester Walks and Wild Flowers Leo H. Grindon

Miss Haddon had advised Lilian to follow her instincts in the matter.
Chambers’s Journal of Popular Literature, Science, and Art Various

Mr. Haddon’s theory, presently to be criticised, may elucidate that point of departure.
Social Origins and Primal Law Andrew Lang

Before this, however, he had been created Lord Manners of Haddon.
English Heraldic Book-stamps Cyril Davenport

Therefore Dorothy felt at liberty to visit the tap-room quite as freely as if it had been the kitchen of Haddon Hall.
Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall Charles Major

On this question see my summary of 1882 cited above, and Haddon, loc.
The Races of Man Joseph Deniker


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