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/ˈhɛmətəʊˌsiːl; ˈhiː-/
(pathol) a collection of blood in a body cavity, as in the space surrounding the testis; blood cyst


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  • Haematocrit

    /ˈhɛmətəʊkrɪt; ˈhiː-/ noun 1. a centrifuge for separating blood cells from plasma 2. Also called packed cell volume. the ratio of the volume occupied by these cells, esp the red cells, to the total volume of blood, expressed as a percentage

  • Haematocryal

    /ˌhɛmətəʊˈkraɪəl; ˌhiː-/ adjective 1. (zoology) another word for poikilothermic

  • Haematogenesis

    /ˌhɛmətəʊˈdʒɛnɪsɪs; ˌhiː-/ noun 1. another name for haematopoiesis

  • Haematogenous

    /ˌhɛməˈtɒdʒɪnəs; ˌhiː-/ adjective 1. producing blood 2. produced by, derived from, or originating in the blood 3. (of bacteria, cancer cells, etc) borne by or distributed by the blood

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