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or Hagarite. (1.) One of David’s mighty men (1 Chr. 11:38), the son of a foreigner. (2.) Used of Jaziz (1 Chr. 27:31), who was over David’s flocks. “A Hagarite had charge of David’s flocks, and an Ishmaelite of his herds, because the animals were pastured in districts where these nomadic people were accustomed to feed their cattle.” (3.) In the reign of Saul a great war was waged between the trans-Jordanic tribes and the Hagarites (1 Chr. 5), who were overcome in battle. A great booty was captured by the two tribes and a half, and they took possession of the land of the Hagarites. Subsequently the “Hagarenes,” still residing in the land on the east of Jordan, entered into a conspiracy against Israel (comp. Ps. 83:6). They are distinguished from the Ishmaelites.


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