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Also called Hail Mary pass, Hail Mary play. a long forward pass in football, especially as a last-ditch attempt at the end of a game, where completion is considered unlikely.
(RC Church) Also called Ave Maria. a prayer to the Virgin Mary, based on the salutations of the angel Gabriel (Luke 1:28) and Elizabeth (Luke 1:42) to her
(American football, slang) a very long high pass into the end zone, made in the final seconds of a half or of a game


Done in pious hope and desperation: Staubach hurls a Hail, Mary pass into the end zone/ ”We did what could be described as the Hail Mary play,” Gen. Schwarzkopf says/ You know a Hail Mary moment when you see one: It happened at the Redskins-Cardinals game

[1980s+ Football; fr the liturgical prayer Hail, Mary, full of grace, etc]


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