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[hair-bruhsh] /ˈhɛərˌbrʌʃ/

a for smoothing and styling the .
a brush for grooming the hair

1590s, from hair + brush (n.1).


Read Also:

  • Hair cast

    hair cast n. A small, nodular accretion of epithelial cells and keratinous debris, appearing along the shaft of a hair and resulting from failure of the internal root sheath to disintegrate.

  • Hairbrush-cactus

    noun 1. a stout, spiny cactus, Pachycereus pecten-aboriginum, of Mexico, having white flowers and bristly fruits sometimes used locally as combs.

  • Hair-cell

    noun, Biology. 1. an epithelial cell having hairlike processes, as that of the organ of Corti. hair cell n. A cell with hairlike processes, especially one of the sensory epithelial cells present in the organ of Corti. hair cell A cell found in the organs of balance in the inner ear of mammals that senses […]

  • Hair cloning

    noun a hair rejuvenation technique in which healthy follicle stem cells are harvested and multiplied, then transplanted; the induction of hair follicle neogenesis in an adult mammal; also called hair multiplication Examples Hair cloning theoretically could end up replacing traditional hair transplant techniques.

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