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[hair-kuht] /ˈhɛərˌkʌt/

an act or instance of the .
the style in which the is and worn, especially men’s .
the act or an instance of cutting the hair
the style in which hair has been cut
(stock exchange, slang) a percentage of the value of an asset deducted to account for a possible fall in its value before it can be liquidated

also hair-cut, 1887, “act of cutting the hair,” from hair (n.) + cut (n.). As “style of wearing the hair,” by 1890.

The Romans began to cut the hair about A.U.C. 454, when Ticinius Maenas introduced Barbers from Sicily. Then they began to cut, curl, and perfume it. The glass was consulted as now upon rising from the barber’s chair. [Rev. Thomas Dudley Fosbroke, “Encyclopædia of Antiquities,” London, 1825]

Related: Haircutter; haircutting.


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    [hair-doo] /ˈhɛərˌdu/ noun, plural hairdos. 1. the style in which a person’s is cut, arranged, and worn; coiffure. 2. the itself, especially when newly or elaborately arranged. /ˈhɛəˌduː/ noun (pl) -dos 1. the arrangement of a person’s hair, esp after styling and setting n. also hair-do, 1932, from hair + do (v.). Phrase do (one’s) […]

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