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[a-ley-vee] /a leɪˈvi/

[fraw-mahn-tal] /frɔ mɑ̃ˈtal/ (Show IPA), (Jacques François Fromental Élie Lévy) 1790–1862, French composer, especially of operas.
his nephew, Ludovic
[ly-daw-veek] /lü dɔˈvik/ (Show IPA), 1834–1908, French novelist and playwright: librettist in collaboration with Henri Meilhac.
/French alevi/
(Jacques François) Fromental (fromɛ̃tal), original name Elias Levy. 1799–1862, French composer, noted for his operas, which include La Juive (1835)
his nephew, Ludovic (lydɔvik). 1834–1908, French dramatist and novelist, who collaborated with Meilhac on opera libretti


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