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Half a mind

An inclination that is not definite or resolute. For example, I’ve half a mind to drop the course, or He went out with half a mind to walk all the way there. [ First half of 1700s ]
Also see: have a good mind to


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  • Half-and-half

    [haf-uh n-haf, hahf-uh n-hahf] /ˈhæf ənˈhæf, ˈhɑf ənˈhɑf/ noun 1. a mixture of two things, especially in equal or nearly equal proportions. 2. milk and light cream combined in equal parts, especially for table use. 3. Chiefly British. a mixture of two malt liquors, especially porter and ale. adjective 4. half one thing and half […]

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    half and half nail n. Division of the nail by a transverse line into a proximal dull white part and a distal pink or brown part. It is seen in uremia.

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    adjective 1. (slang) incompetent; inept; badly organized

  • Half a shake

    noun phrase A moment; a trice: I’ll be there in half a shake [1930s+; fr the expression two shakes of a lamb’s tail, ”a very short time”]

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