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[klohzd] /kloʊzd/

having or forming a boundary or barrier:
He was blocked by a closed door. The house had a closed porch.
brought to a close; concluded:
It was a closed incident with no repercussions.
not public; restricted; exclusive:
a closed meeting; a closed bid at a private auction.
not open to new ideas or arguments.
self-contained; independent or self-sufficient:
a closed, symbiotic relationship.
Phonetics. (of a syllable) ending with a consonant or a consonant cluster, as has, hasp.
Compare (def 35b).
Linguistics. (of a class of items) limited in membership and not readily expanded to include new items, as the class of inflectional affixes, articles, pronouns, or auxiliaries (opposed to ).
Hunting, Angling. restricted as to the kind of game that may be legally taken and as to where or when it may be taken:
woods closed to deer hunters.

partially closed: with half-closed eyes
blocked against entry; shut
restricted; exclusive
not open to question or debate
(of a hunting season, etc) close

(phonetics) Also checked

not open to public entry or membership: the closed society of publishing

c.1200, past participle adjective from close (v.). Closed circuit is attested from 1827; closed shop in union sense from 1904; closed system first recorded 1896 in William James.


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