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[haf-hahr-tid, hahf-] /ˈhæfˈhɑr tɪd, ˈhɑf-/

having or showing little enthusiasm:
a halfhearted attempt to work.


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  • Half-hidden

    [hid-n] /ˈhɪd n/ adjective 1. concealed; obscure; covert: hidden meaning; hidden hostility. verb 2. past participle of 1 . /ˈhɪdən/ verb 1. a past participle of hide1 adjective 2. concealed or obscured: a hidden cave, a hidden meaning adj. past participle of hide (v.1); a Middle English formation (Old English had gehydd “hidden”) on the […]

  • Half-hitch

    noun 1. a knot or hitch made by forming a bight and passing the end of the rope around the standing part and through the bight. noun 1. a knot made by passing the end of a piece of rope around itself and through the loop thus made

  • Half-holiday

    [haf-hol-i-dey, hahf-] /ˈhæfˈhɒl ɪˌdeɪ, ˈhɑf-/ noun 1. a holiday limited to half a working day or half an academic day.

  • Half-hose

    noun 1. short hose; socks.

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