[haf-turn, hahf-] /ˈhæfˌtɜrn, ˈhɑf-/

a 180-degree turn; a direct reversal of direction or orientation, as from front to back or left to right.

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  • Half-turning

    [haf-tur-ning, hahf-] /ˈhæfˌtɜr nɪŋ, ˈhɑf-/ noun, Furniture. 1. .

  • Half-twist

    noun 1. Diving. a dive made by a half rotation of the body on its long axis. Compare . 2. the twisting of the body in a half-turn, as in tumbling.

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    [yoozd or for 4, yoost] /yuzd or for 4, yust/ adjective 1. previously used or owned; secondhand: a used car. 2. showing wear or being worn out: a thrift shop that accepts used clothing. 3. employed for a purpose; utilized: a frequently used dictionary. Idioms 4. used to, accustomed or habituated to: I’m not used […]

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    [haf-vol-ee, hahf-] /ˈhæfˌvɒl i, ˈhɑf-/ verb (used with or without object), half-volleyed, half-volleying. 1. to make or stroke with a half volley. noun 1. (in tennis, racquets, etc.) a stroke in which the ball is hit the moment it bounces from the ground. noun 1. a stroke or shot in which the ball is hit […]

  • Half-wave plate

    [haf-weyv, hahf-] /ˈhæfˌweɪv, ˈhɑf-/ noun, Optics. 1. a crystal thin enough to cause a phase difference of 180° between the ordinary and extraordinary rays of polarized light, thereby changing the direction of the plane of polarization.

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