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[hal-ee for 1, hah-luh for 2.] /ˈhæl i for 1, ˈhɑ lə for 2./

Morris, born 1923, U.S. linguist, born in Latvia.
a city in Germany, NW of Leipzig.
Official name Halle an der Saale
[hah-luh ahn der zahl-uh] /ˈhɑ lə ɑn dɛr ˈzɑl ə/ (Show IPA).
/German ˈhalə/
a city in E central Germany, in Saxony-Anhalt, on the River Saale: early saltworks; a Hanseatic city in the late Middle Ages; university (1694). Pop: 240 119 (2003 est) Official name Halle an der Saale (an der ˈzaːlə)
Sir Charles, original name Karl Hallé. 1819–95, German conductor and pianist, in Britain from 1848. In 1857 he founded the Hallé Orchestra in Manchester


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