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Hallux rigidus

hallux rigidus hallux rig·i·dus (rĭj’ĭ-dəs)
A condition in which there is stiffness in the metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe.


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  • Hallux valgus

    noun 1. an abnormal bending or deviation of the big toe towards the other toes of the same foot hallux valgus hallux val·gus (vāl’gəs) n. Deviation of the tip or main axis of the big toe toward the outer side of the foot.

  • Hallux varus

    hallux varus hallux var·us (vâr’əs) n. Deviation of the main axis of the big toe to the inner side of the foot.

  • Hallway

    [hawl-wey] /ˈhɔlˌweɪ/ noun 1. a corridor, as in a building. 2. an entrance . /ˈhɔːlˌweɪ/ noun 1. a hall or corridor n. 1877, American English, from hall + way.

  • Hally

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