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with great vigor, determination, or vehemence:
When he starts a job he goes at it hammer and tongs.

adverb phrase

Very violently; with full force: We went at each other hammer and tongs

[1708+; reflecting use of both the blacksmith’s main tools]
Forcefully, with great vigor. For example, She went at the weeds hammer and tongs, determined to clean out the long neglected flowerbed. Often put as go at it hammer and tongs, this phrase alludes to the blacksmith’s tools. [ c. 1700 ]


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    verb phrase To persist in a line of questioning or declaration; attempt to persuade or break down by force: The prosecutor kept hammering away at the alibi/ He hammered away at my credibility (1887+) Keep at something continuously, as in The reporters hammered away at the candidate. This phrase employs hammer in the sense of […]

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    [ham-er-beem] /ˈhæm ərˌbim/ noun, Architecture. 1. a short wooden beam projecting from an interior wall to support or tie together rafters or arched roof braces.

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