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(def 1).


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  • Hammerfest

    [hah-mer-fest] /ˈhɑ mərˌfɛst/ noun 1. a seaport in N Norway: the northernmost town in Europe. /Norwegian ˈhamərfɛst/ noun 1. a port in N Norway, on the W coast of Kvalöy Island: the northernmost town in Europe, with uninterrupted daylight from May 17 to July 29 and no sun between Nov 21 and Jan 21; fishing […]

  • Hammer finger

    hammer finger n. See baseball finger.

  • Hammerhead

    [ham-er-hed] /ˈhæm ərˌhɛd/ noun 1. the part of a designed for striking. 2. a shark of the genus Sphyrna, especially S. zygaena, having the expanded laterally so as to resemble a double-headed , sometimes dangerous to swimmers. 3. Also called hammerkop [ham-er-kop] /ˈhæm ərˌkɒp/ (Show IPA). a brown heronlike African bird, Scopus umbretta, having the […]

  • Hammering-glass

    noun 1. . noun 1. a drinking glass of the 18th century having a conical, rounded body on a thick stem and a heavy spreading foot.

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