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multitude, a name figuratively assigned to the place in which the slaughter and burial of the forces of Gog were to take place (Ezek. 39:16).


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  • Hamon-gog

    multitude of Gog, the name of the valley in which the slaughtered forces of Gog are to be buried (Ezek. 39:11,15), “the valley of the passengers on the east of the sea.”

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    [hamp-duh n, ham-] /ˈhæmp dən, ˈhæm-/ noun 1. John, 1594–1643, British statesman who defended the rights of the House of Commons against Charles I. 2. Walter (Walter Hampden Dougherty) 1879–1955, U.S. actor. /ˈhæmpdən; ˈhæmdən/ noun 1. John. 1594–1643, English statesman; one of the leaders of the Parliamentary opposition to Charles I

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