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[hahn, huhn] /hɑn, hʌn/

noun, plural Hans (especially collectively) Han for 1.
a member of a group of Indians inhabiting the Yukon River drainage basin near the Alaska-Canada border.
the Athabaskan language of the Han.
[hahn] /hɑn/
a dynasty in China, 206 b.c.–a.d. 220, with an interregnum, a.d. 9–25: characterized by consolidation of the centralized imperial state and territorial expansion.
Compare , .
a river flowing from central China into the Yangtze at Hankow. 900 miles (1450 km) long.
the Chinese people in general, especially those not of Mongol, Manchu, Tibetan, or other non-Chinese extraction.
a river in E central China, rising in S Shaanxi and flowing southeast through Hubei to the Yangtze River at Wuhan. Length: about 1450 km (900 miles)
the imperial dynasty that ruled China for most of the time from 206 bc to 221 ad, expanding its territory and developing its bureaucracy
the Chinese people as contrasted to Mongols, Manchus, etc

Chinese dynasty, 206 B.C.E.-220 C.E., its rule marked by prosperity, military success, and the introduction of Buddhism.
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