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[hand-ruhn-ing] /ˈhændˈrʌn ɪŋ/

in unbroken succession; consecutively.


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  • Hands

    [hand] /hænd/ noun 1. the terminal, prehensile part of the upper limb in humans and other primates, consisting of the wrist, metacarpal area, fingers, and thumb. 2. the corresponding part of the forelimb in any of the higher vertebrates. 3. a terminal prehensile part, as the chela of a crustacean, or, in falconry, the foot […]

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    see: tie one’s hands

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    [hand-saw] /ˈhændˌsɔ/ noun 1. any common with a handle at one end for manual operation with one . /ˈhændˌsɔː/ noun 1. any saw for use in one hand only

  • Hand-screw

    noun 1. a screw that can be tightened by the fingers, without the aid of a tool. 2. Also called hand-screw clamp. Carpentry. a clamp having two wooden jaws that are adjusted by two long screws.

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