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a brake operated by a hand lever
the lever that operates the handbrake

the emergency parking brake in a motor vehicle


Read Also:

  • Hand-brake

    noun 1. a brake operated by a hand lever. Compare (def 6). 2. (in an automobile) an emergency or parking brake operated by a hand lever.

  • Handbrake turn

    noun 1. a turn sharply reversing the direction of a vehicle by speedily applying the handbrake while turning the steering wheel

  • Handbreadth

    [hand-bredth, -bretth] /ˈhændˌbrɛdθ, -ˌbrɛtθ/ noun 1. a unit of linear measure from 2½ to 4 inches (6.4 to 10 cm). /ˈhændˌbrɛtθ; -ˌbrɛdθ/ noun 1. the width of a hand used as an indication of length a measure of four fingers, equal to about four inches (Ex. 25:25; 37:12; Ps. 39:5, etc.).

  • H and c

    abbreviation 1. hot and cold (water) noun phrase A mixture of heroin and cocaine; hot and cold, speedball (1960s+ Narcotics)

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