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[han-dl] /ˈhæn dl/

George Frideric
[free-der-ik,, -drik] /ˈfri dər ɪk,, -drɪk/ (Show IPA), (Georg Friedrich Händel) 1685–1759, German composer in England after 1712.
George Frederick. German name Georg Friedrich Händel. 1685–1759, German composer, resident in England, noted particularly for his oratorios, including the Messiah (1741) and Samson (1743). Other works include over 40 operas, 12 concerti grossi, organ concertos, chamber and orchestral music, esp Water Music (1717)
An imperative language with primitives for controlling parallel programs.
Used by Wayne Luk for work in compilation of programs to hardware (FPGAs).


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