[hand-print] /ˈhændˌprɪnt/

an impression or mark made with the palm and fingers on a surface.

Read Also:

  • Handprinted

    adjective written, designed, or printed by hand

  • Hand-puppet

    noun 1. a puppet made of a hollow head sewn or glued to material that fits over the hand, concealing the fingers and thumb, which manipulate it.

  • Handrail

    [hand-reyl] /ˈhændˌreɪl/ noun 1. a serving as a support or guard at the side of a stairway, platform, etc. /ˈhændˌreɪl/ noun 1. a rail alongside a stairway, etc, at a convenient height to be grasped to provide support

  • Hand-ride

    [hand-rahyd] /ˈhændˌraɪd/ verb (used with object), hand-rode, hand-ridden, hand-riding. 1. to ride (a horse) in a race without using a whip or spurs, urging it on with only the hands. verb (used without object), hand-rode, hand-ridden, hand-riding. 2. to hand-ride a horse.

  • Handroll

    /ˈhændˌrəʊl/ noun 1. a Japanese dish consisting of a large cone of dried seaweed filled with cold rice and other ingredients, eaten with the fingers rather than chopsticks

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