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[hangk] /hæŋk/

a skein, as of thread or yarn.
a definite length of thread or yarn:
A hank of cotton yarn measures 840 yards.
a coil, knot, or loop:
a hank of hair.
Nautical. a ring, link, or shackle for securing the luff of a staysail or jib to its stay or the luff or head of a gaff sail to the mast or gaff.
verb (used with object)
Nautical. to fasten (a sail) by means of hanks.
a loop, coil, or skein, as of rope, wool, or yarn
(nautical) a ringlike fitting that can be opened to admit a stay for attaching the luff of a sail
a unit of measurement of cloth, yarn, etc, such as a length of 840 yards (767 m) of cotton or 560 yards (512 m) of worsted yarn
(transitive) (nautical) to attach (a sail) to a stay by hanks

late 13c., probably from a Scandinavian source, e.g. Old Norse honk, hank “clasp, hank,” related to hang (v.).


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