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[hap-aks li-gom-uh-non, hey-paks] /ˈhæp æks lɪˈgɒm əˌnɒn, ˈheɪ pæks/

noun, plural hapax legomena
[hap-aks li-gom-uh-nuh, hey-paks] /ˈhæp æks lɪˈgɒm ə nə, ˈheɪ pæks/ (Show IPA)
a word or phrase that appears only once in a manuscript, document, or particular area of literature.
/ˈhæpæks ləˈɡɒmɪˌnɒn/
noun (pl) hapax legomena (ləˈɡɒmɪnə)
another term for nonce word

(plural legomena), “word occurring only once,” Greek, literally “once said,” from hapax “once” + legomenon, neuter passive present participle of legein “to say.”


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