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Money; cabbage (1940s+)


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    noun 1. Slang. a person who is cheerful and satisfied: There were no happy campers after the company was reorganized. noun 1. (informal) a happy, satisifed person (esp in the phrase not a happy camper) noun a person who is very pleased or content Examples When he saw the report card, he was not a […]

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    /ˈhæpɪˈklæpɪ/ adjective 1. of or denoting a form of evangelical Christianity in which members of the congregation sing and clap enthusiastically during acts of worship noun (pl) -pies 2. Also called happy clapper. an enthusiastic evangelical Christian adjective, noun pertaining to any Christian congregation that is extremely enthusiastic, loud, and musical Usage Note colloquial

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    noun, Slang. 1. . noun

  • Happy event

    noun 1. (informal) the birth of a child

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