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[huh-rang] /həˈræŋ/

a scolding or a long or intense verbal attack; diatribe.
a long, passionate, and vehement speech, especially one delivered before a public gathering.
any long, pompous speech or writing of a tediously hortatory or didactic nature; sermonizing lecture or discourse.
verb (used with object), harangued, haranguing.
to address in a harangue.
verb (used without object), harangued, haranguing.
to deliver a harangue.
to address (a person or crowd) in an angry, vehement, or forcefully persuasive way
a loud, forceful, or angry speech

mid-15c., arang, Scottish (in English from c.1600), from Middle French harangue (14c.), from Italian aringo “public square, platform,” from a Germanic source ultimately from or including Proto-Germanic *ring “circular gathering” (see ring (n.1)). Perhaps it is ultimately from Gothic *hriggs (pronounced “hrings”), with the first -a- inserted to ease Romanic pronunciation of Germanic hr- (cf. hamper (n.)). But Barnhart suggests a Germanic compound, hari-hring “circular gathering,” literally “army-ring.”

1650s, from French haranguer, from Middle French harangue (see harangue (n.)). Related: Harangued; haranguing.


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