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compulsory labor imposed upon criminals in addition to imprisonment, generally not exceeding ordinary labor in severity or amount.


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    noun 1. the mistflower.

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    plural noun 1. a great deal of effort or hard work, esp in playing a sport: Dallaglio’s ability to make the hard yards and cross the gain line

  • Hardy-rand-ritter test

    Hardy-Rand-Ritter test Har·dy-Rand-Ritter test (här’dē-rānd’-) n. A test for color-vision deficiency similar to the Ishihara test.

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    [hahr-dee-wahyn-burg] /ˈhɑr diˈwaɪn bɜrg/ noun, Genetics. 1. a principle stating that in an infinitely large, randomly mating population in which selection, migration, and mutation do not occur, the frequencies of alleles and genotypes do not change from generation to generation. Hardy-Weinberg law Hardy-Wein·berg law (-wīn’bərg) n. A fundamental principle in population genetics stating that the […]

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