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[hahr-dee-nis] /ˈhɑr di nɪs/

the capacity for enduring or sustaining hardship, privation, etc.; capability of surviving under unfavorable conditions.
courage; boldness; audacity.
the condition or quality of being hardy, robust, or bold


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    [hahr-ding] /ˈhɑr dɪŋ/ noun 1. Chester, 1792–1866, U.S. portrait painter. 2. Florence Mabel King, 1860–1924, U.S. First Lady 1921–23 (wife of Warren G. Harding). 3. Warren G(amaliel) 1865–1923, 29th president of the U.S. 1921–23. 4. a male given name. /ˈhɑːdɪŋ/ noun 1. Warren G(amaliel). 1865–1923, 29th president of the US (1921–23)

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    Major incidents of corruption in government that occurred while Warren Harding was president in the early 1920s. The most notable, called the Teapot Dome scandal, involved the lease of federally owned oil reserve lands to private interests, in return for bribes. Several high officials, including the secretary of the interior, were ultimately convicted for their […]

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    [hahrd-nok] /ˈhɑrdˈnɒk/ adjective 1. beset with hardship. plural noun, Informal. 1. adversity or hardships.

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