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[hair-uh m, har-, ha-reem] /ˈhɛər əm, ˈhær-, hæˈrim/

[hair-uh m, har-] /ˈhɛər əm, ˈhær-/
the part of a Muslim palace or house reserved for the residence of women.
the women in a Muslim household, including the mother, sisters, wives, concubines, daughters, entertainers, and servants.
Animal Behavior. a social group of females, as elephant seals, accompanied or followed by one fertile male who denies other males access to the group.
Facetious: Sometimes Offensive. a group of women associated in any way with one man or household:
I really resent it when our boss refers to us as his harem, though he’s trying to be funny.
/ˈhɛərəm; hɑːˈriːm/
the part of an Oriental house reserved strictly for wives, concubines, etc
a Muslim’s wives and concubines collectively
a group of female animals of the same species that are the mates of a single male

1630s, from Turkish harem, from Arabic haram “wives and concubines,” originally “women’s quarters,” literally “something forbidden or kept safe,” from root of harama “he guarded, forbade.”

flat-nosed. (1.) The head of the second course of priests (1 Chr. 24:8). (2.) Ezra 2:32, 39; Neh. 7:35, 42. (3.) Neh. 3:11. (4.) 12:3. (5.) 10:5


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