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[hahr-vuh-ster] /ˈhɑr və stər/

a person who ; reaper.
any of various farm machines for field crops.
an orange-brown butterfly, Feniseca tarquinius, the larvae of which are predacious on aphids.
a person who harvests
a harvesting machine, esp a combine harvester

“a reaper,” 1590s; agent noun from harvest (v.). Meaning “machine for reaping and binding” is from 1847.


Read Also:

  • Harvester-ant

    noun 1. any of several red or black ants, especially of the genus Pogonomyrmex, of the southwestern U.S., that feed on and store the seeds of grasses.

  • Harvestfish

    [hahr-vist-fish] /ˈhɑr vɪstˌfɪʃ/ noun, plural (especially collectively) harvestfish (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) harvestfishes. 1. a butterfish of the genus Peprilus, especially P. alepidotus of Atlantic waters.

  • Harvest-fly

    noun 1. . [dawg-dey, dog-] /ˈdɔgˌdeɪ, ˈdɒg-/ noun 1. any of several cicadas of the genus Tibicen, that have distinctive songs commonly heard during July and August.

  • Harvest-home

    noun 1. the bringing home of the harvest. 2. the time of harvesting or of gathering in the harvest. 3. an English festival celebrated at the close of the harvest. 4. a song sung as the harvest is brought home. noun 1. the bringing in of the harvest 2. (mainly Brit) a harvest supper

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