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(al-Hasan) a.d. 624?–669? Arabian caliph: son of Ali and Fatima (brother of Hussein).
Contemporary Examples

Again, consider the numbers: those two fatal attacks by Hasan and Bledsoe killed a total of 14 people.
The Pornography of Terror Christopher Dickey September 30, 2011

She had survived to help ensure Hasan was convicted and sentenced to death.
How the Army Betrayed the Hero of Fort Hood Michael Daly April 3, 2014

Bad publicity surrounding Hasan’s mentor may rebound, to Saleh’s embarrassment.
Hasan’s Yemen Connection Graeme Wood November 9, 2009

Only eight candidates, including Hasan Rowhani, were allowed to compete in the race.
Hasan Rowhani: Moderate Candidate Wins Iran’s Election Omid Memarian June 14, 2013

Hasan had recently undergone a peer review; his fellow doctors found no fault with the care he provided.
Fort Hood Shooting: The Aftermath The Daily Beast November 5, 2009

Historical Examples

One of the vultures which infest the mountain then pounces on Hasan and carries him to the top.
The Science of Fairy Tales Edwin Sidney Hartland

O Hasan,’ he said, ‘why draw thy robes away from contact with me.
Mystics and Saints of Islam Claud Field

After the mirth had subsided Hasan Khan was ordered to be handcuffed and removed.
Indian Ghost Stories S. Mukerji

An Arab visiting Hasan Basri asked him for a definition of patience.
Mystics and Saints of Islam Claud Field

The lady may, like Hasan’s bride, be held to belong to a superior race to men, though properly in human form.
The Science of Fairy Tales Edwin Sidney Hartland


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