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[ahs-tah lah vees-tah; English hah-stuh luh vee-stuh] /ˈɑs tɑ lɑ ˈvis tɑ; English ˈhɑ stə lə ˈvi stə/

interjection, Spanish.
until I see you; until we meet; so long.

good bye
Word Origin


Spanish, literally “until the meeting (again),” salutation in parting.


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    [ahs-tah lwe-gaw; English hah-stuh loo-ey-goh] /ˈɑs tɑ ˈlwɛ gɔ; English ˈhɑ stə luˈeɪ goʊ/ interjection, Spanish. 1. see you later; so long. Spanish, literally “until soon;” salutation in parting.

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    [ahs-tah mah-nyah-nah; English hah-stuh muh n-yah-nuh] /ˈɑs tɑ mɑˈnyɑ nɑ; English ˈhɑ stə mənˈyɑ nə/ interjection, Spanish. 1. see you tomorrow.

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