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[huh-tah-soo] /həˈtɑ su/



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  • Hatband

    [hat-band] /ˈhætˌbænd/ noun 1. a or ribbon placed about the crown of a , just above the brim. 2. a black similarly worn as a sign of mourning. /ˈhætˌbænd/ noun 1. a band or ribbon around the base of the crown of a hat

  • Hatbox

    [hat-boks] /ˈhætˌbɒks/ noun 1. a case or for a . /ˈhætˌbɒks/ noun 1. a box or case for a hat or hats

  • Hatchability

    [hach] /hætʃ/ verb (used with object) 1. to bring forth (young) from the egg. 2. to cause young to emerge from (the egg) as by brooding or incubating. 3. to bring forth or produce; devise; create; contrive; concoct: to hatch a scheme. verb (used without object) 4. to be hatched. 5. to brood. noun 6. […]

  • Hatch-act

    noun 1. either of two acts of Congress (1939, 1940), regulating expenditures, contributions, and procedures in political campaigns.

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