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a newspaper or other publication that consistently expresses biased hatred toward some national, racial, religious, or other group.


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  • Hate-speech

    noun 1. speech that attacks, threatens, or insults a person or group on the basis of national origin, ethnicity, color, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability. noun 1. speech disparaging a racial, sexual, or ethnic group or a member of such a group

  • Hate-watch

    [heyt-woch] /ˈheɪtˌwɒtʃ/ Informal. verb (used with object) 1. to watch (a TV show, movie, video, actor, etc.) that one professes to dislike, often with the intention to mock or criticize. verb (used without object) 2. to engage in this activity. noun 3. a show, movie, etc., that one hate-watches: What’s your hate-watch these days? 4. […]

  • Hatfield-McCoy Feud

    [hat-feeld-muh-koi] /ˈhætˌfild məˈkɔɪ/ noun, U.S. History. 1. a blood feud between two mountain clans on the West Virginia–Kentucky border, the Hatfields of West Virginia and the McCoys of Kentucky, that grew out of their being on opposite sides during the Civil War and was especially violent during 1880–90.

  • Hath

    [hath] /hæθ/ verb, Archaic. 1. 3rd person singular present indicative of . [hav; unstressed huh v, uh v; for 26 usually haf] /hæv; unstressed həv, əv; for 26 usually hæf/ verb (used with object), present singular 1st person have, 2nd have or (Archaic) hast, 3rd has or (Archaic) hath, present plural have; past singular 1st […]

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