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[heyt-fuh l] /ˈheɪt fəl/

arousing or deserving to be :
the hateful oppression of dictators.
unpleasant; dislikable; distasteful:
She found her domestic chores hateful.
full of or expressing ; malignant; malevolent:
a hateful denunciatory speech.
causing or deserving hate; loathsome; detestable
full of or showing hate

mid-14c., “full of hate;” late 14c., “exciting hate;” from hate + -ful. Related: Hatefully; hatefulness.


Read Also:

  • Hate-jock

    noun A radio talk-show host who encourages bigotry: a protest against the racism of white hate-jock Bob Grant (1990s+)

  • Hate-listen

    [heyt-lis-uh n] /ˈheɪtˌlɪs ən/ Informal. verb (used without object) 1. to listen to a radio show, singer, etc., that one professes to dislike, often with the intention to mock or criticize: Why do I continue to hate-listen to his silly podcasts?

  • Hate-mail

    noun 1. letters, telegrams, etc., that express prejudice or disagreement in abusive or threatening terms.

  • Hatemonger

    [heyt-muhng-ger, -mong-] /ˈheɪtˌmʌŋ gər, -ˌmɒŋ-/ noun 1. a person who kindles hatred, enmity, or prejudice in others.

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