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Hats off to

Congratulations to, as in Hats off to Claire! She’s set a new record for the mile. This expression alludes to taking off one’s hat as a sign of respect. [ Mid-1800s ]


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  • Hat stand

    noun 1. a frame or pole equipped with hooks or arms for hanging up hats, coats, etc

  • Hatta

    [hat-uh] /ˈhæt ə/ noun 1. Mohammed, 1902–1980, Indonesian political leader: vice president of the Republic of Indonesia 1945–49, 1950–56; prime minister 1948, 1949–50.

  • Hatted

    [hat] /hæt/ noun 1. a shaped covering for the head, usually with a crown and brim, especially for wear outdoors. 2. Roman Catholic Church. verb (used with object), hatted, hatting. 3. to provide with a hat; put a hat on. Idioms 4. hat in hand, humbly; respectfully: He approached the boss, hat in hand. 5. […]

  • Hatter

    [hat-er] /ˈhæt ər/ noun 1. a maker or seller of . [hat-er] /ˈhæt ər/ noun, Australian Informal. 1. a person who has become eccentric from living alone in a remote area. 2. a person who lives alone in the bush, as a herder or prospector. /ˈhætə/ noun 1. a person who makes and sells hats […]

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