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Haut cuisine


1926, French, literally “high(-class) cooking;” see haught + cuisine. Usually in italics until 1960s.


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  • Haute

    [oht] /oʊt/ adjective 1. high-class or high-toned; fancy: an haute restaurant that attracts a monied crowd. 2. high; elevated; upper. adj. French, literally “high,” fem. of haut (see haught). Haute bourgeoisie “the (French) upper-middle class” is from 1888.

  • Haute-couture

    [oht koo-too r; French oht koo-tyr] /ˌoʊt kuˈtʊər; French oʊt kuˈtür/ noun 1. high fashion; the most fashionable and influential dressmaking and designing. 2. the fashions so created. 3. the leading dressmaking establishments in the world of fashion, considered collectively. /ot kutyr/ noun 1. high fashion

  • Haute-cuisine

    [oht kwi-zeen; French oht kwee-zeen] /ˌoʊt kwɪˈzin; French oʊt kwiˈzin/ noun 1. fine or gourmet cooking; food preparation as an art. /ot kwizin/ noun 1. high-class cooking

  • Haute-ecole

    [oht ey-kohl, -kawl; French oh tey-kawl] /ˌoʊt eɪˈkoʊl, -ˈkɔl; French oʊ teɪˈkɔl/ noun, plural hautes écoles [ohts ey-kohl, -kawl; French oht zey-kawl] /ˌoʊts eɪˈkoʊl, -kɔl; French oʊt zeɪˈkɔl/ (Show IPA) 1. a series of intricate steps, gaits, etc., taught to an exhibition horse. 2. (def 2). /ot ekɔl/ noun 1. the classical art of riding

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