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Have a big foot

verb phrase

To be important; have much influence: We have a big foot in Asia (1990s+)


Read Also:

  • Have a big mouth

    verb phrase To be inclined to say embarrassingly too much, esp about others’ personal affairs: Marcel Proust sure had a big mouth/ When he heard that, my pal told me I had a big mouth [1960s+; popularized by the comedian Jackie Gleason, who often said it of himself] see: big mouth

  • Have a bird

    verb phrase To exhibit shock or anger; have kittens: Charlie will have a bird when he learns she died (1960s+)

  • Have a bone on

    verb phrase To have an erect penis [1920s+; fr a hubristic anatomical misstatement]

  • Have a bone to pick

    see: bone to pick

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