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Have a cow

Related Terms

have kittens


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  • Have a clue

    verb phrase To know; be aware or apprised of •Often in the negative: Do you have a clue about what’s going on here? (WWII British armed forces) Related Terms not have a clue see: not have a clue

  • Have a case on someone

    verb phrase To be infatuated with or in love [1852+; case was specialized to mean ”a case of being in love” by the mid-19th century]

  • Have a clear conscience

    Also, have a clean conscience. Feel free of guilt or responsibility. For example, I have a clear conscience—I did all I could to help. This idiom is also put as one’s conscience is clear or clean, as in His conscience is clean about telling the whole story. The adjective clear has been used in the […]

  • Have oneself a time

    verb phrase To enjoy oneself hugely: Everybody had himself a time (1882+)

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