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Have another guess coming

Also, have another think coming. Be mistaken and therefore have to reconsider or rethink one’s answer. For example, If you think you can fool me, you have another guess coming, or John thinks he convinced me; well, he has another think coming. A related idiom is guess again, often used in the imperative, as in You think that car cost $20,000? Guess again! [ ; first half of 1900s ]


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  • Have another think coming

    verb phrase To be wary of a fixed opinion; be skeptical of one’s certainty: For lo! I have another think a-coming (1901+)

  • Have an out

    Have a means of escape or an excuse, as in I’m supposed to go to the meeting, but I have an out—Sam invited me first to come to his wedding. One can also give someone an out, as in She was hoping someone would give her an out; otherwise she’d be stuck visiting relatives all […]

  • Have a party

    verb phrase To do the sex act; screw (mid1930s+)

  • Have a penchant for

    Have a tendency or taste for. For example, He has a penchant for saying the wrong thing, or She has a strong penchant for baroque music. [ Second half of 1600s ]

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