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Have it all hanging out

verb phrase

To be concealing nothing; be entirely candid and undefensive; let it all hang out: As the current saying goes, NCR has it all hanging out (1960s+)


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  • Have it all over

    verb phrase To be superior; surpass or outstrip: In advanced technology, the North has it all over the South (1922+)

  • Have it all together

    verb phrase To have one’s life, feelings, energies, etc, satisfactorily arranged; be free of emotional and behavioral dysfunctions: Dr Jung says we’ll all be OK when we have it all together (1960s+)

  • Have it bad

    verb phrase To be very much in love; be powerfully infatuated: They would say that mouse has got it for Joey but bad/ He warbled the old song, ”I got it bad and that ain’t good” (1872+)

  • Have it both ways

    verb phrase To hold or esp to profit from two contrary positions; work both sides of the street •Usu in the negative: Make up your mind which one you’ll support, because you can’t have it both ways (1914+) Achieve two mutually exclusive objectives, as in Bill wants to have it both ways—to enjoy Christmas at […]

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