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Have no time for

see: no time for


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  • Hawkbit

    /ˈhɔːkˌbɪt/ noun 1. any of three composite perennial plants of the genus Leontodon, with yellow dandelion-like flowers and lobed leaves in a rosette, erect or prostrate: found in grassland

  • Hawke-bay

    noun 1. a bay of the Pacific Ocean, on the E coast of North Island, New Zealand.

  • Hawked

    [hawk] /hɔk/ noun 1. any of numerous birds of prey of the family Accipitridae, having a short, hooked beak, broad wings, and curved talons, often seen circling or swooping at low altitudes. 2. any of several similar, unrelated birds, as the . 3. Informal. a person who preys on others, as a sharper. 4. Also […]

  • Hawker

    [haw-ker] /ˈhɔ kər/ noun 1. a person who hunts with or other birds of prey. [haw-ker] /ˈhɔ kər/ noun 1. a person who offers goods for sale by shouting his or her wares in the street or going from door to door; peddler. /ˈhɔːkə/ noun 1. a person who travels from place to place selling […]

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