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Have something on someone

verb phrase

To know incriminating information about someone: now I have something on her (1919+)


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  • Have something on the ball

    verb phrase To be talented; have it [1912+; fr the skill of a baseball pitcher, who puts speed, motion, etc on the ball]

  • Have something to burn

    verb phrase To have something in great abundance; HAVE something COMING OUT OF one’s EARS: This guy has chutzpah to burn (1896+)

  • Have something to show for

    see: have to show for

  • Have the blues

    Also, feel blue . Feel depressed or sad, as in After seeing the old house in such bad shape, I had the blues for weeks , or Patricia tends to feel blue around the holidays . The noun blues , meaning “low spirits,” was first recorded in 1741 and may come from blue devil , […]

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