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Have the goods on someone

verb phrase

To have incriminating evidence: They can’t convict him because they don’t have the goods on him (1913+)


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  • Have the guts

    Possess the courage, as in Does he have the guts to dive off the high board? This expression replaces the earlier and now obsolete sense of stomach as “courage,” a usage from the early 1500s. [ ; late 1800s ]

  • Have the hots for someone

    verb phrase To desire someone sexually: The stocky instructress was glaring at them. ”Think she’s got the hots for you”/ I know Grodin has the hots for you (1940s+)

  • Have the inside track

    verb phrase To have a strong advantage, esp one based on some fortuitous circumstance: All the candidates look OK, but Hester has the inside track because she’s single [1857+; fr the advantage that a racer has by being nearest the inside of the track and having therefore the shortest distance to run]

  • Have the jump

    verb phrase To enjoy a lead or advantage; be ahead of: Who has the jump in this election? (1912+)

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