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Have the world by the balls

verb phrase

(Variations: by the tail or on a string may replace by the balls) To be in a very profitable and dominant situation; HAVE something CINCHED, shit in high cotton: Dunning had the world by the balls/ With a good agent, you’ve got the world by the balls (1970s+)


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  • Have to show for

    Be able to exhibit as a result of one’s work or expenditure. For example, I’ve been working all day and I have absolutely nothing to show for it, or He has some very fine paintings to show for the vast amount of money he’s spent. This idiom was first recorded in 1727.

  • Have two left feet

    verb phrase Be clumsy: you’ve got two left feet (1915+) see: two left feet

  • Have up

    verb 1. (transitive, adverb; usually passive) to cause to appear for trial: he was had up for breaking and entering

  • Have what it takes

    verb phrase To have the right abilities, personality, etc, for success: Do you have what it takes? Let me enhance your gifts! (1934+)

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