[hey-verz] /ˈheɪ vərz/

interjection, Chiefly Scot.
nonsense; poppycock.
[hey-ver] /ˈheɪ vər/
verb (used without object), Chiefly British.
to equivocate; vacillate.
verb (intransitive) (Brit)
to dither
(Scot & Northern English, dialect) to talk nonsense; babble
(usually pl) (Scot) nonsense

“oats,” Northern English, late 13c., probably from Old Norse hafre, from Proto-Germanic *habron- (cf. Old Norse hafri, Old Saxon havoro, Dutch haver, Old High German habaro, German Haber, Hafer). Buck suggests it is perhaps literally “goat-food” and compares Old Norse hafr “he-goat.” “Haver is a common word in the northern countries for oats.” [Johnson]

“owner, possessor,” late 14c., agent noun from have.

Havers Ha·vers (hā’vərz, hāv’ərz), Clopton. 1655?-1702.

English physician and anatomist known for his studies of the minute structure of bone.

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