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[hav-er for 1; hah-vruh, -ver for 2] /ˈhæv ər for 1; ˈhɑ vrə, -vər for 2/

a city in N Montana.
[luh hah-vruh, -ver; French luh a-vruh] /lə ˈhɑ vrə, -vər; French lə ˈa vrə/
a seaport in N France, at the mouth of the Seine.
/ˈhɑːvrə; French ɑvrə/
See Le Havre
/lə ˈhɑːvrə; French lə ɑvrə/
a port in N France, on the English Channel at the mouth of the River Seine: transatlantic trade; oil refining. Pop: 190 905 (1999)


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