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[hawz-pahyp, haws-] /ˈhɔzˌpaɪp, ˈhɔs-/

noun, Nautical.
an iron or steel in the stem or bow of a vessel through which an anchor cable passes.
(nautical) a strong metal pipe through which an anchor rope passes Often shortened to hawse


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    [haw-zer, -ser] /ˈhɔ zər, -sər/ noun, Nautical. 1. a heavy rope for mooring or towing. /ˈhɔːzə/ noun 1. (nautical) a large heavy rope n. “large rope used for mooring, towing, etc.,” late 13c., from Anglo-French haucer, from Old French halcier, haucier, literally “hoister,” from Vulgar Latin *altiare, alteration of Late Latin altare “make high,” from […]

  • Hawser-bend

    noun 1. a knot uniting the ends of two lines. noun 1. a knot for tying two ropes together

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    [haw-zer-leyd, -ser-] /ˈhɔ zərˌleɪd, -sər-/ adjective, Ropemaking. 1. (def 1). 2. . adjective 1. (of a rope) made up of three strands, the fibres (or yarns) of which have been twisted together in a left-handed direction. These three strands are then twisted together in a right-handed direction to make the rope

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