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2 .
[dood-l] /ˈdud l/
noun, Chiefly North Midland U.S.
a small pile of hay; haystack.
to scribble or draw aimlessly
to play or improvise idly
(US) (intransitive) often foll by away. to dawdle or waste time
a shape, picture, etc, drawn aimlessly

“scrawl aimlessly,” 1935, from dialectal doodle, dudle “fritter away time, trifle,” or associated with dawdle. It was a noun meaning “simple fellow” from 1620s.

LONGFELLOW: That’s a name we made up back home for people who make foolish designs on paper when they’re thinking. It’s called doodling. Almost everybody’s a doodler. Did you ever see a scratch pad in a telephone booth? People draw the most idiotic pictures when they’re thinking. Dr. Von Holler, here, could probably think up a long name for it, because he doodles all the time. [“Mr. Deeds Goes to Town,” screenplay by Robert Riskin, 1936; based on “Opera Hat,” serialized in “American Magazine” beginning May 1935, by Clarence Aldington Kelland]

Related: Doodled; Doodling.

Doodle Sack. A bagpipe. Dutch. — Also the private parts of a woman. [“Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue,” 1796]



Related Terms

dipsy-doodle, whangdoodle, whoop-de-do

[second sense apparently coined by Robert Riskin, screenwriter for the movie Mr Deeds Goes to Town; third sense perhaps fr doo, childish word for ”shit”]


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